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"56th Fighter Group" - Item #2433

WWII jet fighters; 49 aces; flew 447 missions; also served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Cover signed, honoring "The 56th Fighter Group in World War II", cachet of 4 different fighter emblems: "Ready and Waiting", "Sixty-First Fighter Squadron", "Sixty-Second Fighter Squadron", and the "Sixty-Third Fighter Squadron". Postal cancellation date Apr. 13, 1992, (first combat sortie), Charlotte, NC, (1st active duty station); two stamps honoring Dwight D. Eisenhower (25 cent), and Nato (4 cent). Signed by: Hubert Zemke (Major, who led the group into combat), Francis Gabriski (23 vic.), Robert S. Johnson (28 vic.), Fred J. Christensen, Jr. (21 1/2 vic.), and Gerald W. Johnson (destroyed 18 enemy aircraft). Attractive. Price: $179.00


"The Red Arrows" - Item #2403

Royal Air Force aerobatic team flying from RAF Kemble home of the Red Arrows) in Hawk XX 252 on a practice mission (trying out this new aircraft). RAF cover signed, by Chuck Yeager, first to break the speed of sound, and WWII ace with 11.5 victories, Franz Woidich, WWII German ace with 110 victories; and the Red Arrows team: Sqn. Ldr. B. R. Hoskins, (leader), Flt. Lt. M. D. Howell, (No. 2), Flt. Lt. W. Ward, (No.3), Flt. Lt. B.C. Scott, (No. 5), Sqn. Ldr. S. R. Johnson, (No. 7), Flt. Lt. T. R. Watts, (No. 9), Flt. Lt. N. J. Wharton, (No. 4), Flt. Lt. R. M. Thomas, (No. 6), and Flt. Lt. B. S. Walters, (No. 8); on verso Corporal M. W. McClelland (RAF Kemble). Colorful cachet of the 9 red Hawks XX 252, soaring throughout the sky; included in the cachet are 3 small emblems, "RAF Aerobatic Team - The Red Arrows" and 2 military. Postal cancellation, 31 March 1980, stamped "Welcome to the HAWK", a Hawk flying. An 11p stamp of Queen Elizabeth II. Very attractive. Price: $155.00


(Early Aviatrixes) - Item #2331

Early aviatrixes: Mary M. Worthylake, first woman pilot licensed and trained in Alaska; knew Wiley Post, Charles Lindbergh, and Will Rogers; Jessie Woods, soloed Dec. 1928; parachute jumper; she and her husband operated Flying Aces Air Show, 1928-1938; Deborah Wardley, first woman to fly a commercial airline in Australia; Evelyn Waldren, famous early aviatrix, wing flyer, and etc.; Mary Gaffney, winner of 5 world and 5 gold medals; aerobatic competitions; Elizabeth Boselli (French pilot) FAI world records; and Lillian Boyer, wing walker and chute jumper in early 1920's. Individual signatures on slips of paper. Sold as a set. Price: $118.00


(Mixed Aces) - Item #2191

First Day Cover Issue, commemorating Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969) and his many achievements during his life; cachet of bust of Eisenhower, with a colorful 25 cent stamp also commemorating hime. Nine signatures (mostly mixed aces and a couple of military personnel): Herschel Green, Hans Scharff, Paul Conger, Jerry Johnson, Francis Gabreski, Phil DeLong, and others. Boldly signed by all, with their squadron number by most. Very attractive. Price: $225.00


(Pioneers in Aviation) - Item #2437

Pioneers in aviation: Brig. General George W. Goddard, pioneered space photography; Clarence Chamberlin, flew to Germany from NY with a passenger, 14 days after Lindbergh; Milt Thompson, 1st to fly a "lifting body entry vehicle"; and Bob Baucher, builder of the "Solar Challenger", first solar plane to fly the Channel. Signature on individual cards. Fine. Price: $125.00


(Zeppelins) - Item #2169

RAF cover depicting in color the first flight of the first Zeppelin. Signed by three WWI Zeppelin crewmen, Otto Bedau, Oskar Fink, and Adolf Fischer. Each has added his Zeppelin crew assignment. Attractive. Price: $69.00


Armstrong, Neil A. - Item #2432

Astronaut; first man to walk on the moon. Four large, attached, colorful, 10 cent stamps, 2 1/4 x 5, depicting Armstrong's first walk on the moon. Signed in full on light margin. Attractive. Price: $299.00


Austin, Fred - Item #2164

Pilot of the first trans-Polar around the world flight. PS, 4x4, informal pose in uniform, in color. Price: $16.00


Barber, Rex T. - Item #2335

WWII US Army ace, with 5 victories, which shot down the bomber (supposedly) carrying Admiral Yamamoto. ALS, 1p, 4to, Feb. 27, 1989, his letterhead; responding to a collector, "...at Hamilton AFB Calif. in 1944, Just after I returned from The 14th AF in China...being interested in WWII. PS: I am also including my account of the Yamamoto mission." Bold signature, adding his rank, and his initials after a P.S. Very good. Price: $79.00


Baucher, Bob - Item #2297

Builder of "Solar Challenger"; first solar plane to fly Channel. Signature. Price: $17.00


Beinhorn, Elli - Item #2328

Pioneer German aviatrix; exploratory flights into Africa in early 1930s; forced landing in Timbuktu. PS, 6x4, sitting on an early car fender beside an airplane. Price: $26.00


Birks, Gerald - Item #2407

World War I British ace, with 6 victories. Envelop signed; full signature. Price: $26.00


Bishop,W. A. - Item #2505

Canadian WWI ace, known as the "World's Ace of Aces", with 72 victories. Book signed, The Peoples's War Book and Atlas Autographed Edition, by Bishop beneath his photo on the frontispiece, 204 pp with illustrations, 1920; with affixed One Hundred Million Mark. Impressive. Price: $295.00


Blakeslee, Col. Don - Item #2281

WWII American ace with 15 1/2 victories. Colored PS, 5 x 3 1/2, in full flight gear standing next to his plane. Boldly signed vertically on the right side, adding "4th FR. GP." Price: $44.00


Blesse, Frederick - Item #2307

Major/General in the USAF; with 10 victories including the Korean War. Vintage PS, 7x5, dressed in flight gear, sitting in the cockpit. Signed in blue ink, in upper left corner. Price: $35.00


Boyington, Gregory "Pappy" - Item #2180

US Marine ace with 28 victories; Baa Baa Blacksheep. DS check, Jan. 2, '79, $2.00, to "Great Lakes Blue Jacket Assoc., Inc.". Boldly signed "Gregory Boyington". Price: $198.00


Boyington, Gregory "Pappy" - Item #2308

USMC ace with 28 victories; Flying Tigers; "Baa Baa Black Sheep". Color PS, 8x5, an older Boyington standing next to his fighter plane in civilian clothes. Inscribed, signed, and dated in lower white margin. Price: $122.00


Brooks, Allen Ray - Item #2285

WWI ace with 6 victories. FDCS with cachet commemorating "Curtiss JN-4D, "Jenny" and the "International Airmail Postal Card - 1978". Postal cancellation date Sep. 16, 1978. Signed in full at the top. Attractive. Price: $55.00


Byrd, Richard Evelyn - Item #2311

Polar explorer and aviator; claimed to be the first to fly over the North and South Poles. His book, Skyward, G. P. Putnam's Sons, NY - London; 1928, 359pp, and illustrations. Inscribed, signed, and dated on the frontispiece. Fine. Price: $155.00


Campbell, Douglas - Item #1298

WWI US ace with 6 victories; flew with Rickenbacker; shot down the second enemy aircraft in WWI. FDCS, postal cancellation Valley Forge, PA, Oct. 21, 1977. Affixed is a colorful Valley Forge Christmas cachet of an American soldier kneeling in prayer and US postal 3 cent stamp depicting the cachet. Boldly signed, adding "First victorious American air combat April 14, 1918". Attractive. Price: $94.00


Chamberlin, Clarence - Item #2305

Flew to Germany from New York with a passenger, 14 days after Lindbergh. Boldly signed on small card. Price: $51.00


Collection of Signatures of WWI & WWII Aces - Item #1315

Collection consists of 33 signatures: Wm. C. Lambert, 22 v. WWI; Gordon Steege, 8 v. (Br.); George Ceullers, 10.5 v.; Paul Conger, 11 v.; Neville Duke, 28 v. (Br.); R. L. Goebel, 11 v.; P. G. "Jamie" Jameson, 9 v., (NZ); David Scott-Malden, 5 v. (Br); A. C. Rawlinson, 8v; James Storrer, 15 v. (Br.); Bill Stratton, 9 v. (NZ); John Waddy, 15.5 v. (Br.); Oran Watts, 5 v.; Cdr. T. S. Harris, 9 v. USNR; Cap. H. W. Swinburn, 7 v., 1st to fly a chopper in combat; Rear Adm. M. A. Hadden, Jr., 8 v., USN; J. F. Thornell, Jr., 17.25 v.; Col. Dewey F. Durnford, 6.5 v., USMC; Jack Bradley, 15 v.; R. M. Voris, 7v; I. B. Jack Donaldson, 5vic.; W. E. Bryan, 8 v.; Lee Larson, 7 v.; Pappy Boyington, 28 v., USMC; W. F. McCarthy, WWI balloonist; and Leonard Rockford, WWI, 28 victories. Good condition. Price: $215.00


Cooper, Jr., Leroy Gordon - Item #2284

Astronaut; orbited the earth in Mercury series. Cover signed, cachet honoring "Astronaut Leroy G. Cooper, Jr. - Project Mercury". Postal cancellation date, May 16, 1963, Cape Canaveral, FL. Signed Gordon Cooper. Price: $30.00


Cunningham, Randy - Item #2325

First F-4 Phantom ace; 1st all missle ace; and most highly decorated Navy pilot of Vietnam War. Full signature on small note paper. Price: $22.00


De Blanc, Jeff - Item #2479

USMC ace with 9 victories; Congressional Medal of Honor. Bust PS, 5 x 4, in flight helmet, smiling. DeBlanc has inscribed and signed, adding " VMF 112 Guadalcanal 1942" on the front and verso (twice signed). Price: $69.00


Doolittle, James H. - Item #1537

Early race pilot (Gee Bees); first instrument takeoff and landing; led Tokyo Raid. Book, Doolittle: A Biography, by Lowell Thomas and Edward Jablonski,1976, Doubleday, First Ed., hardbound, new condition; with expertly affixed labels signed by J. H. Doolittle on the half-title page; by the authors on the title page; by Gen Curtis LeMay, Gen. Andrew Goodpaster, Gen Ira Eaker, Gen. James Van Fleet, Gen. James Gavin, Gen. Lauris Norstad, Gen. Alfred Gruenther, Gen. Brooks Allen, Gen. Leon Johnson, Gen. Harold Johnson, Gen. E.J. Timberlake, Gen. W.H. Simpson, Gen. L. Lemnitzer, Gen. James Hodges, Lowell Thomas and Ed Jablonski, and 14 pilots and crewmen of the Tokyo Raid. Good dust jacket. Impressive. Price: $396.00


Doolittle, James H. - Item #2371

Early race pilot (Gee Bee); first instrument flight; led Tokyo Raid. Reprint signed, 6x5, vintage photo cut from a book, of Major General Chu Shih-ming, awarding the Military Order of China to Lt. Charles McClure, Captain Harold F. Watson, and Capt. Ted Lawson. Doolittle is sitting with others in the second row. Signed by Doolittle in the lower margin. Price: $125.00


Dornberger, Dr. Walter R. - Item #1551

German military chief of rocket development; brought to U.S. with von Braun. PS, 5 x 7 in civilian clothes. Price: $69.00


Dundas, Hugh - Item #2286

British ace with 11 victories. Cover Signed, commemorating the "Battle of Britain - 50th Anniversary"; colorful cachet of opposing war planes in action, September 15, 1940. Signed in full. Very attractive. Price: $20.00


Elwood, Hugh - Item #2319

USMC; ace with 5 victories. Print signed, 3x6, a colorful fighter plane. Full signature. Price: $16.00


Foss, Joe - Item #2290

Second highest USMC ace with 26 victories. Portrait PS, b/w, 7x5, in uniform. Signed in the light area over the uniform. Fine. Price: $80.00


Gabreski, Francis - Item #2478

U S ace with 28 victories in WWII and 6 1/2 in Korea. Photo,5 x 6, cut from a book, of Gabreski by his P-47 with his groundcrew. Signature and rank in light area. Price: $49.00


Gibbons, Floyd - Item #2233

WWI aviator, journalist, & war correspondent for Chicago Tribune; with Villa during Mexican Revolution; also war correspondent in France; lost eye in Chateau-Thierry. TLS, 8vo, 1p, on his own letterhead; responding to a collector in regards to his autograph. Price: $95.00


Gibson, Edward G. - Item #2316

Astronaut. Colorful reproduction signed, 8x10, of "Skylab - Manned Orbital Scientific Space Station". Inscribed and boldly signed in the light area. Price: $40.00


Glenn, John - Item #1017

Astronaut. America's first to orbit the earth. Bust PS, 10 x 8, showing Glenn in civilian suit. Bold signature on lower white margin. Price: $45.00


Goddard, George W. - Item #2323

Brigadier General, U.S. Air Force (Ret.); pioneer of aerial photography. Bold signature on slip of paper. Price: $30.00


Johnson, Robert S. - Item #2165

WWII US ace with 28 victories. DS, summary of Johnson's military career during WWII, full 1p, 4to, with inset photo of Johnson in the cockpit of his plane. Color borders, attactive. Price: $77.00


Jones, Casey - Item #2327

WWI pilot, racer, and headed Curtiss Flying Service. ALS, 8vo, 2pp, March 18th (198_), responding to a collector, explaining why he was late in answering his letter, "...had to go to the hospital for a major operation...have recovered well....you have a unique hobby." Full signature, adding "Favorite Plane - Oriole". Price: $179.00


Kappeler, Frank - Item #2376

Number 11 navigator for Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders. ANS, 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 personal note paper; responding to a collector, and sending his "best wishes". Price: $49.00


Kawato, Mike - Item #2020

Japanese WWII captain with 19 victories; shot down Pappy Boyington. His book, Flight Into Conquest, Library of Congress, 1978, softbound. Inscribed and signed, in both American and Japanese, also dated "1981". Price: $135.00


Lawley, Wm. R. - Item #2161

WWII fighter pilot. A signed lithograph, 8 1/2 x 11, colorful "World War II Bombers - B-17 'Flying Forts' strike at Schweinfurt". Boldly signed at bottom margin. Price: $45.00


Lawson, Ted W. - Item #2375

Lt.; one of Doolittle's Tokyo Raiders; flew the B-25, "Ruptured Duck" over Tokyo. PS, 3 1/4 x 7", (two photos) close-up in cockpit, wearing flight gear, and his B-25 in flight. Boldly signed in lower margin. Impressive. Price: $55.00


Leoroyd, R. A. B. - Item #2301

First pilot of a Hampden aircraft; unsurpassed example of courage and skill during WWII; made attacks at lowest altitudes. Bold signature on card. Price: $18.00


Lindbergh, Charles A. and Ann Morrow - Item #2329

First to solo the Atlantic. Anne Morrow Lindbergh's (wife) book, The Wave of the Future - A Confession of Faith, Quinn and Boden Co., 1940, First Edition, inscribed and signed in full by Charles on first fly-leaf. Signed by Ann on the half-title page. There is a 3-inch tear along front end paper adjacent to spine. Dust jacket intact. Very good. Price: $1100.00


Lopez, Donald - Item #1991

US ace with 5 victories; aviation writer. ALS, 1p, 12mo, 1985, sending an autogaphed photo (not included) taken in China in late 1943 when he was "with the 75th Ftr. Sqdn. 23rd Ftr. Group". Price: $19.00


MacCready, Paul - Item #1557

Designed & built Gossamer Condor and Gossamer Albatross. This color photo of the "Replica of the Pterodactyl Quetzalcoatlus Northropi", 8 x 10, shows the wing-flapping replica atken during the filming of "On the Wing", which premiered at the National Air & Space Museum in June 1986. MacCready signed in upper right corner. Suitable for framing. Price: $52.00


McCampbell, David - Item #1241

Top USN ace with 34 victories Congressional Medal of Honor. An 10 x 8 reproduction of a

charcoal portrait in flight gear and squadron emblem. Signed "Dashing Dave McCambell", adding rank. Suitable for framing. Price: $69.00


McCampbell, David - Item #1242

Top USN ace with 34 victories, Congressional Medal of Honor. Bust PS,10 x 8 , in uniform and medals. Full signature and rank. Price: $82.00


Mitchell, William "Billy" - Item #2171

Court-martialed airpower proponent. Book signed, WINGED DEFENSE - the Development and Possibilities of Modern Air Power - Economic and Military, G. P. Putnam's Sons, NYand London, 1925, illustrations, 223 pp. Inscribed and signed, "...Wm. Mitchell, 'Boxwood' Middleburg, Va 13/12/26" on flyleaf. Fine. Price: $989.00


Mott, Charles D. - Item #2310

USN, flew with the Flying Tigers; flight leader. Cover signed, cache honoring the "75th Anniversary of Flight - Wright Brothers"; postal cancellation Nov. 16, 1978; his address is stamped on front. Full signature, adding "Flight leader, AVG". Price: $27.00


Neale, Bob - Item #1245

Flying Tiger ace with 15 1/2 victories. PS, 5 x 4 , of two photos, top view shows Neale standing on his P-40, and bottom view shows his plane. Inscribed and signed, adding "CO 1st Sqd/AVG 1941-42. Price: $44.00


Oberth, Hermann - Item #1254

Very early rocket pioneer (1920s); a mentor of von Braun who worked with him on the V-2 at Peenemunde; later designed lunar excursion module (LEM). Bust portrait PS, 5 x 4, middle age, signed on lower white margin; signature is light with fairly good contrast. Price: $169.00


Ogden, Henry - Item #2192

One of the 8 original pilots to make the first trip around the world in 1924. PS, 10x8, b/w depiction of the top aerial view of the globe, indicating each place the pilots stopped and their mileage on their voyage, and the 7 pilots of the original group. Boldly signed at bottom, adding "First World Flight 1924". On verso, Ogden wrote the names of the pilots. Attractive. Price: $195.00


Parr, Ralph - Item #1308

Korean War Ace with 10 victories. TLS, mentioning his last combat mission and Korea. Price: $21.00


Peled, Benjamin - Item #2406

Commander of Israeli Air Force in Suez War; 2 victories; also in Ehtebbe; hostage; rescues airborne commands. Signature on small notecard. Price: $18.00


Rehm, Dan - Item #2283

USN ace with 13 victories. Bio/Photo sheet, 8x10, signed. Price: $38.00


Reitsch, Hanna - Item #2176

Germany's most famous aviatrix; did test flying of V-1 "Buzz Bomb"; went to Hitler's bunker at the end of the war. ANS on back of photo (she is standing in a field of gliders and planes), 5x4, 1977, in English. "...Thank you for the magazine foto..." Signed in full. Price: $210.00


Robbins, Jay - Item #2314

U. S. WWII ace with 22 victories. Vintage PS, 8x6, standing by his plane "Jandina IV" in casual attire. Inscribed and signed in the light area. Price: $55.00


Scott, Robert L. - Item #1238

Flying Tiger ace with 13 victories; wrote God is My Co-Pilot. PS, 5 x 7, in uniform with cap, standing in front of plane. Written on verso "On the Airdrome at Kunming, China - 1942" Price: $75.00


Seversky, Alexander P. de - Item #2312

Aircraft designer and builder; Russian WWI ace with 13 victories. His book, Air Power: Key to Survival; Simon & Schuster, New York, 1950, 356 pp., and illustrations. Inscribed, boldly signed, and dated on front flyleaf. Missing back flyleaf and slightly worn dust jacket. Otherwise, fine condition. Price: $79.00


Smith, L. B. - Item #2302

WWII USN Captain; Flying for England; spotted the Bismarck. Bold signature on cover. Price: $17.00


Spurdle, R. L. "Spud" - Item #2293

New Zealand ace with 8 victories. Signature on small slip of paper, adding RAF. Price: $12.00


Stephen, H. M. - Item #2160

British ace with 22 1/2 victories. Handsome photo reproduction of a portrait sketch, 5x4, in uniform with scarf, head and shoulders; signed. Price: $61.00


Terce, Jean Marius - Item #2175

Pioneer French pilot; built his first airplane 1910; put on flying exhibitions in Spain and Central America 1911; WWI combat. RAF cover signed adding place and date of his exhibition flying. Price: $29.00


Tereskova, Valentina - Item #2313

Russian woman cosmonaut. Cover signed, stamped "Flown Via Helicopter" and "Via Air Mail", with a colorful 16K Russian stamp depicting a Russian space center; postal cancellation in Russian. Signed under the Russian stamp. Very attractive. Price: $125.00


Todd, Robert - Item #2280

WWI ace with 5 victories. PS, 5 x 3 1/2, in flight gear beside his Sopwith Camel. Signed in full in upper left corner, adding "France 1918". Fine. Price: $55.00


Townsend, Peter - Item #1229

British Battle of Britain ace with 11 victories; courted Princess Margaret. PS, 4 x 6, showing Townsend wearing inflated vest and standing with one other man. Boldly signed in blue ink. Very good. Price: $55.00


Vaughn, George A. - Item #1304

WWI U.S. ace with 13 victories. Cover signed. Cancellation date Nov. 11, 1979, Arlington, VA; slightly smudged ink stain from cancellation on the 15 cent US postal stamp. Price: $146.00


Vaughn, George A. - Item #2162

WWI US ace with 13 victories. PS, 4 1/2 x 3, in uniform, WWI vintage photo but a recent print. Signed in silver ink adding "USAS, 1918". Fine. Price: $60.00


WWI Aces - Item #2480

American WWI aces. Signatures of: W. F. McCarthy, balloonist; Jack Bradley, 15 vic.; Sir J. D. I. Hardman, 8vic.; Frank Hays, 6 vic.; and Leonard H. Rockford, 12 victories; on individual slips of paper. Set. Price: $75.00


WWII Aces - Item #2294

WWII allied aces; Signatures on slips of paper: Lloyd Barnard, 8 victories; Gerald Brown, 5 victories; Sir Patrick Hunter Dunn, 7 victories; Ralph Foltz, 5 victories; Clayton Gross (Europe), 6 victories; Walker M. Mahurin, 20.75 victories, plus 3.5 in Korea (only ace with Germany, Japan, and Korea). The whole set. Price: $85.00


Young, John W. - Item #2317

Astronaut. Colorful reproduction signed, 10x8, of "Prime Crew of Fourth Manned Apollo Mission"; Young and two other astronauts are shown, Eugene A. Cernan and Thomas P. Stafford, all wearing their space suits. Also signed by Eugene A. Cernan. Price: $125.00


Zemke, Hubert - Item #2330

American WWII ace with 18 victories; Co of the 56th Fighter group - "Wolfpack". Vintage PS, 6x3 1/2, cut from a book, of Zemke standing in front of his Thunderbolt (P-47). Inscribed and signed in blue ink, in upper left corner. Price: $29.00

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